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rencontre trans niort Sukheke Mandi Ace Estate Gold Buyers will give you highest cash price guaranteed for your jewelry, diamonds, gold, sterling silver and rare coins. We Buy Scrap Gold, Bullion, Estate, Diamonds, U.S. Minted Coins and Currency! In addition we also buy several items that might be laying around your house and are useless to you. We buy at top prices and pay immediately in Ca$h. Of course, there will never be any charge for our advice or opinion.

Honda exemple pseudo site de rencontre homme Ace Estate Gold Buyers services all of Las Vegas including: Henderson, Summerlin, Boulder City, Green Valley, Anthem, Spanish Trail, Lake Las Vegas, Sun City, Mesquite, Pahrump, Laughlin, and St. George Utah.

We buy All Types of Coins

rencontre sexe vraiment gratuite We are especially interested in purchasing the following US coins:

  • All US Gold Coins
  • Dollars: 1935 and earlier
  • Precious Metals & Diamond BuyersHalves: 1970 and earlier
  • Quarters: 1964 and earlier
  • Dimes: 1964 and earlier
  • US Gold and Silver American Eagle singles and sets
  • Nickels: 1938 and earlier also 1942- 1945
  • Cents: 1958 and earlier
  • All US Mint issued proof and mint sets & singles
  • Nickels: 1938 and earlier also 1942- 1945
  • Foreign Coins made of Gold, Silver and Platinum

We Buy Paper Currency

Las Vegas Paper Currency Buyer

We are especially interested in purchasing the following:

  • High denomination notes: $500, $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000
  • All US silver certificates 1957 and earlier
  • All US notes with a red or blue seal
  • All US currency from 1929 and older
  • Old US currency with bank names on the note
  • Large size US currency from 1923 and earlier
  • US fractional currency 1862 – 1876
  • We specialize in the purchase of small and large size US gold certificates
  • Please bring in your foreign currency for our professional appraisers to evaluate

No Cookie Cutter Prices

We consider several factors when considering a coin’s value. These factors include, but are not limited to: condition, rarity, date and circulation. Ace Estate Buyers offer free in-store appraisals of your collections while you watch and ask questions.

What If you have a lot of coins and want to know what they are worth?

The value of these coins will change depending on the market and are typically bought and sold in bulk based on their silver value. Coins from 1964 and earlier are made from 90% silver and half dollars from 1965-1970 are made from 40% silver. There are some dates that could have a higher value.

Simply bring in your collection and we will have an expert appraiser give you the highest cash offer possible .

What is the best way to store your coins so they keep their value?

Coins should be stored individually to avoid contact with each other. Make sure to use coin approved containers. If you use booklets, please do not use tape to secure coins into booklets as the tape adheres to the coins, which causes discoloration reducing the value of your coinsIf you have a silver dollar with a “V” in the word TRUST instead of a U, please know that this is not a misprint.

Silver Dollar with V in Trust

The peace dollar series from 1921-1935 all have the “V” in the word TRUST. The “V” was done by design and is not a misprint.

CALL US immediately if you have this coin – it is worth a lot of money!